Numerical Evaluations

Here I compare the student answers to what I take to be the most informative questions about my teaching performance.

"The instructor knows the subject matter"

Fall 2019: 3.67/4.00

"The instructor's style of conducting the course held my interest."

Fall 2019: 3.22/4.00

"I would recommend this instructor to others."

Fall 2019: 3.22/4.00


Student Comments

Here I selected some of the good student feedbacks and some of the bad ones that made me think and revise my teaching techniques.

Fall 2019

What aspects of this course were most valuable to your overall learning experience?
"breaking down the readings and comparing them with other schools of thought"
"class lectures were really helpful. we'd go over the material and it really helped me to better understand everything"
"I never fully understood any of the readings due to the lack of help from teacher. I never knew which questions to ask because quite frankly, I did not know what she was talking about half time. The class was not valuable to my learning experience at all, and I would never tell anyone to take this class with this professor."